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about us


Founded in 1985 / m to adjust and the payment and assistance of the Almighty God by Dr. Ali Abdul-Hamid Abu al-Khair was born in 1957 / M, its attention to the first book of God the Holy Quran and then studies and science related to this book is decent with the Islamic heritage, humanitarian, literary, scientific, moral, and the Qur'an all the measurements and colors replace the care home and then Koran teacher Quran, Koran, which shows the education directly through each page education rule optimized for the reader the novice with a given base rule Altjoada then we have provided a glossary of researchers at the tail of this work, and a glossary of topics Qur'an in general and topics of the fence in particular.

It must be pointed to some of the things that incorporate them in the following:

A - the annexation of the site sizes of the Holy Quran which she received the house good honor in print, explaining the measurement, and quality of paper, and the number of colors printed, which is characterized by some of the wording Majesty in red, and the gilding of the Parties, in addition to the quality of binding technical lavish doctrine illumination warming in several colors, and binding cellophane, etc.. To easily distinguish between each edition and another.

B - The books were arranged by subject and by alphabetical, in addition to the name of the author, and investigator, measurement and number of pages and sections, etc.. And a special word on the subject of the book to define it.

T - Prices received by both the Koran or a book is in U.S. dollars and any other currency calculated on the basis of the dollar on arrival.

W - requests for wholesale and publishing houses and institutions are subject to special discounts, in line with management on the discount rate and quantity.

C - individual requests for it is added to the mailing expenses of the air content to the country and the rest of the Arab countries.

D - We perform shipping to any destination in the world by land, sea and air as desired by the client.

T - the house printing jobs for those who want to if required to do so at the expense of the client. Or by printing the joint agreement.

Q - send orders to:

Arab Bank - Beirut - Verdun.

Ali Abd al-Hamid Abu al-Khair.

Dar Al Khair - Account Number: 810-755593-0338

iban: ib80 0005 0000 0000 3387 5559 3810

I - the list sent on request free of charge.

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