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    Al-Rawd al-Murbi’ Sharh Zad al-Mustaqni’

    Mansur Ibn Yunis al-Bahuni 750 p., size 17×24 hard cover "Provision of the Seeker of Conviction" is one of the most circulating and most ...

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    Fiqh al-’Ibadat ’alá Madhhab al-Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal

    Dr. Ali Abu al-Khayr 323 p., size 14×20, hard cover This book assimilates its title. It is easy to benefit from it (for those specialized ...

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    Al-Mubassat fi Ahkam al-Hajj wa-al-’Umrah

    Dr. Usamah al-Hamwi 60 p., size 12×17, paper cover This book is a guide for the one who intends to perform minor or major ...

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    Al-Mu’tamad fi Fiqh al-Imam Ahmad

    by: Scholars Al-Shaybani & Ibn Dawyan rev.: Dr. ’Ali Abu al-Khayr & Dr. Muhammad Wahbi Sulayman size 17×24, 961 p...

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